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Top perks

Lots of options

Fairway offers pretty much every type of mortgage you’d want — except interest-only loans. Fairway offers renovation loans and reverse mortgages in addition to the standard loan types. Most of Fairway’s loans have fixed or adjustable-rate options. And there’s also flexibility with loan terms, too. Fairway has loans with 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30-year terms.

Fairway also offers physician loans. These are mortgages for medical professionals who may have high salaries but are newer to their job and haven’t had time to amass a large down payment yet. These loans may be available with a low down payment or no down payment, and typically do not have PMI.

Branch locations

With more than 500 branches throughout the United States, it’s easy for most people to get in-person help if they need it.

Customer service

Fairway prides itself on customer service, and it scores excellent marks in this area. According to reviews on Zillow, Fairway holds a 4.96 out of 5 star average (based on more than 24,600 customer reviews). And the most commonly-cited thing is how helpful Fairway’s employees are. Yelp reviews show similar borrower comments.

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Mortgage servicing

Besides being a lender, Fairway is also a mortgage servicer. There’s no guarantee that Fairway will service your loan after closing, but there’s a better chance than with most other lenders.

Mobile app

Fairway has a highly-rated mobile app, FairwayNOW. It allows borrowers to apply for a loan, scan and upload documents, and more.

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