Evil dad brutally murdered 13 day-old baby son then told cops his toddler did it – The US Sun

A TWISTED dad who murdered his 13-day-old son by vigorously shaking him to death initially tried to pin the gruesome death on his own toddler.

Michael Anthony Herkal, 33, from Minneapolis, US, was yesterday jailed for 24 years after he pleaded guilty to the horrific crime.


His son, also named Anthony was just 13 days old when he was brutally murderedCredit: CBS Minnesota
 Michael Herkal has been handed 24 years in jail


Michael Herkal has been handed 24 years in jail

Evil Herkal admitted to slapping and shaking the newborn which fractured the baby’s skull, leading to a bleed on the brain.

He carried out the sick attack after an argument with his girlfriend.

Herkal initially told paramedics his older son, just a toddler, had injured baby Anthony by pulling him off the sofa.

The 33-year-old spent 80 minutes searching Google for “someone threw baby on the floor”, “baby’s butt is blue [spanking]” and “baby breathing hard” before contacting emergency services.

Little Anthony was rushed to hospital but died two days later.

During this time he is also understood to have texted the baby’s mum that little Anthony was crying and he “needed her.”

When quizzed by officials he changed his story, insisting the newborn had fallen onto a coffee table while Herkal was changing him.

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According to The Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Herkal also had a lengthy history of domestic abuse against the child’s mum, breaching a protection order she took out against him in 2016 and 2017 – for which he received just four months in prison.

 Little Anthony died two days after the brutal attack


Little Anthony died two days after the brutal attackCredit: CBS Minnesota
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