Emmerdale fans slam hypocrite Chas Dingle for forcing Charity to sell the pub after slapping son

EMMERDALE fans have slammed Chas Dingle for her hypocrisy about Charity slapping son Noah – remembering that she hit her son Aaron.

The landlady – who is played by actress Lucy Pargeter in the ITV soap – is kicking her cousin out of their business partnership over the slap.

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Charity – who is played by Emma Atkins in the ITV soap – has been shunned by her fellow Dingles after slapping her son Noah and making an advance towards her daughter Debbie’s ex Al Chapman.

Chas suggested that Marlon should buy Charity's shares in the pub


Chas suggested that Marlon should buy Charity’s shares in the pub

And last Friday’s episode of Emmerdale (February 12) saw Chas reach the end of her tether as Charity got Lydia to cover for her in the Woolpack.

Chas then shocked Marlon with a proposition – and suggested he buy Charity’s shares in the pub.

Marlon agreed and Chas later told her cousin: “You can pack your bags. I’ve had enough of it, working with you, living with you, making excuses for you. I’ve had it up to here and I want you to leave.”

Marlon took Chas up on her offer


Marlon took Chas up on her offer

A shocked Charity responded: “But you know I can’t move back in with the kids yet. Not until the dust settles.”

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Chas continued: “I’m not saying you need to move out I’m saying you need to sell-up. You don’t even put in a shift Charity, you’re useless to me, to everyone – the family hates you! You just need to leave.” 

Charity replied: “You can’t boot me out!” 

Charity said there was no way she was selling her shares but Chas said she had no choice


Charity said there was no way she was selling her shares but Chas said she had no choice

Chas then told Charity she doesn’t need to worry about money – and dropped the bombshell that Marlon wants to buy her shares.

With tears in her eyes, Charity said: “This is my home! I’ll move out for a couple of nights and give you some space, but I am not selling my share, no way.” 

But Chas was adamant and told Charity she wasn’t giving her a choice in the matter.

The Dingles have turned on Charity after she made an advance towards Debbie's ex Al


The Dingles have turned on Charity after she made an advance towards Debbie’s ex AlCredit: ITV

Though now fans have pointed out that Chas hit her much younger son in the past.

One fan pointed out: “Didn’t Chas also leave Aaron with his dad, so calling Charity a bad mother for not being there for her kids but its ok for her & Debbie to leave their kids.”

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Another added: “Chas has always been a hypocritical fishwife who’s always in the right. I think we’re always meant to root for her too.”

A third viewer chimed in: “I also pointed out when Chas was like ‘since when did we hit our kids’ I remember Chas slapping Aaron when he was youger than Noah!”

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This week, viewers will see Charity move in with Diane Sugden after being booted out of the pub. 

Diane will encourage Charity to sign over her shares in the pub without making a fuss. 

Will Charity surrender or will she fight for the pub – and her family?

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