Duchess set for UK return with Harry in September with plans for another memorial event


In November 1955, Stewart Pearce, was asked to meet a young lady who was in need of voice training classes.

Not long after her panorama interview was aired, despite feeling liberated, Diana did not like the way she came across and so was in search of a voice specialist.

By the time Diana sadly passed away, Stewart said he had helped Diana with her transformation into an assertive and confident speaker.

“She had found a way of balancing her private and public self so that there was no change between the two. She could stand on a platform and feel relaxed and confident about whatever it as she needed to say.” Stewart said.

A former actor, turned voice coach and drama teacher, and a former Master of Voice at London’s Globe Theatre, Stewart, now 69, has just published a book, Diana the Voice of Change – something he describes as a “call to arms for women”.

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