Does Chase Freedom Unlimited Include Extended Warranty Coverage?


The Chase Freedom Unlimited® includes extended warranty coverage for eligible purchases. Chase’s extended warranty coverage adds one year to the U.S. manufacturer’s warranty for eligible items with a warranty of three years or less.

For example, say you purchase a microwave that has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Chase Freedom Unlimited® extended warranty coverage will add one year to the warranty, for a total of two years. However, if the microwave has a four-year warranty, the extended warranty coverage will not apply.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® extended warranty coverage also has monetary caps. Coverage is limited to $10,000 per claim with a maximum of $50,000 in coverage per account.

To qualify for Chase Freedom Unlimited® extended warranty coverage, you need to pay for items with your card or with your Chase credit card rewards. Some items bought outside of the U.S. can qualify for extended warranty coverage. This is only true if those items come with an eligible U.S. manufacturer’s warranty, dealer warranty, or assembler warranty.

Gifts with eligible warranties can qualify for extended warranty coverage. So if you purchase a gift with your Chase Freedom Unlimited® and give it to someone else, you can still make an extended warranty claim for that item.

To make a claim, notify the Chase Benefits Administration within 90 days of the theft or damage. You’ll be sent a claim form to fill out and return within 120 days of the initial incident. Include any required documents. The item may be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the administrator.

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Chase Freedom Unlimited® extended warranty coverage is secondary. This means it only kicks in after any other type of coverage has been applied. If you bought the store warranty, for example, your card’s coverage would only apply after the service contract has been exhausted.

Additionally, some items are excluded from coverage regardless of warranty. Used or pre-owned items are not eligible for extended warranty coverage, even if they still have an active manufacturer’s warranty. Products purchased for resale are also excluded, as are items purchased for professional or commercial use. And motorized vehicles, such as boats, automobiles, and aircraft, will not qualify.

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