Did Jennifer Fergate of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries commit suicide?


JENNIFER Fergate’s death was ruled as a suicide as her body was found with a 9mm Browning pistol in her hand. 

Fergate was staying at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo, Norway, at the time of her death and investigators believed she used a fake name to get a room.

Jennifer Fergate checked into a hotel in Norway and was never seen again


Jennifer Fergate checked into a hotel in Norway and was never seen again

What happened to Jennifer Fergate?

Jennifer Fergate, 25, was found dead in May of 1995 inside a hotel room. 

Fergate booked a room for three nights under the name “Jennifer Fergate” but investigators say that no one had that identity. 

It is also believed that she checked a woman named Lois Fergate into the room with her.

Fergate's hotel room where she was found dead


Fergate’s hotel room where she was found dead

The receptionist claimed to have not seen Jennifer with anyone but another hotel employee reportedly saw a man going into the room with her. 

Jennifer was absent from her hotel room for the next two days based on data from the room’s key cards.

According to hotel employees, she was only seen once entering and leaving the hotel.

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The show is popular for showcasing unsolved deaths


The show is popular for showcasing unsolved deathsCredit: Netflix

During her stay, she attempted to contact two invalid numbers in Seraing and Grace-Hollogne, Belgium.

She had also put a “do not disturb” sign on the room door for more than 24 hours.

Who found her body?

Hotel security became suspicious when Fergate had been holed up in her room for a long period of time.

When they knocked on the door, they apparently heard a gunshot. 

They called the police – who arrived almost an hour later – and found Jennifer laying in bed covered in blood. 

There are currently two volumes on Netflix


There are currently two volumes on NetflixCredit: Netflix

She had been shot in the head and was found with a 9mm pistol in her hand. 

However, the gun was held upside down, and no blood or gunshot residue was on her hand.

Another key was found in the room, believed to have been given to Lois, who appeared to have left the hotel for the rest of Jennifer’s stay.

The pistol was also stripped of its serial number and no fingerprints were found on the weapon.

The labels in her clothing were also missing. 

Was anyone arrested for her death?

Journalists investigating her murder wanted to obtain answers from the man staying across Jennifer’s room, who they referred to as “Mr. F.”

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He claimed that he was told she was found dead and checked out of the hotel on June 3 before her body was discovered. 

Mr. F allegedly told the journalist that he remembered the death well.

“They asked me about it at the front desk when I checked out,” he told local paper Venders Gang. 

“Someone asked if I had heard or seen anything, since it was in the same corridor.”

“But I slept well that night and knew nothing about it,” he added. 

Mr. F reportedly refused to answer any other questions about Jennifer to the journalists. 

No arrests were made in connection to her murder.

When is Unsolved Mysteries airing?

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 will be released on Monday October 19 on Netflix.

The show’s second volume will feature six new episodes.

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