How can other see my events and wiki content?

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If you want contributors to see your Wiki content, they will need to be part of your group. 

  1. Have your contributors sign up to be members of the website.  They don't have to be producers, just sign up on the website. 
  2. Add them as members to your Series by going to your series so that you get the Series Toolbox and then click on the link that says 'X members'.
  3. On the List of Members page, click on the Add members tab
  4. Enter the user name of the people that you want to have in your group.  This needs to be the name that they used to sign up for the website.

When your Series members log in, they will have the My Series box on the right, and all of the series that they are members of will be listed. They will then also be able to see all of the series content - blog, reservations, events, and wiki.