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Citibank offers three checking account types, each of which is paired with a Citi Savings account to make up a banking package.

Citibank Checkless Regular Checking account

Those who choose the Citi Access Account banking package receive a Checkless Regular Checking account along with a Citi Savings account. This checking account includes online and mobile banking tools. There are no overdraft fees. Additionally, account holders get fee-free access to Citibank’s network of ATMs.

The one thing it’s missing is check-writing capabilities. This omission might not bother you if you rarely write checks. If it’s a feature you’d rather not live without, you can upgrade to the Basic Banking package. That package gives you a Regular Checking account — which does include checks.

Citibank Regular Checking account

The Citibank Regular Checking account is similar to the Checkless Regular Checking account. However, this account offers check-writing capabilities. It also has a debit card, and it’s equipped with online and mobile banking tools. You automatically get this account if you open the Basic Banking package. You can also choose it if you go with The Citibank account, the Citi Priority, or the Citigold® banking packages.

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Citibank Interest Checking account

The Citibank Interest Checking account is an option for The Citibank, Citi Priority, and Citigold® account holders. It earns modest interest, comes with a free order of checks, and incurs no Citibank charges for non-Citi ATM use. Account owners can also enroll in the Citi ThankYou Rewards program, in which you earn points toward online purchases, gift cards, charitable contributions, and more. As a result, this account will likely appeal to Citi customers more than the Regular Checking account.

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