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BEAR crawls, burpees and body weights could be the exercises to get you in the best shape of your life during the coronavirus lockdown, according to Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer.

Luke Zhocci has been training the oldest Hemsworth brother for over eight years and has now revealed how the 36-year-old got into shape for some of his biggest roles.

 Chris Hemsworth is pictured above swimming. The actor often trains to the extreme to get in shape for his roles


Chris Hemsworth is pictured above swimming. The actor often trains to the extreme to get in shape for his rolesCredit: Instagram
 Chris Hemsworth is pictured above after spending some time surfing at Byron Bay


Chris Hemsworth is pictured above after spending some time surfing at Byron BayCredit: BackGrid

For his new role in Netflix’s Extraction, Chris has to train at an “intense level” as Luke says he was doing more of his own stunts for the movie.

But how can you get a body just like the star when you’re at home?

Luke has put together a custom workout that you can do without any equipment and from the comfort of your own home, including some of Chris’ favourite moves.

How to get Chris Hemsworth’s body during lockdown

Want to get into the best shape of your life during lockdown but don’t want your workouts taking up too much time? Luke Zhocci reveals a quick and easy work out that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Each round lasts 60 seconds, 40 seconds completing the exercises and 20 seconds rest. Complete each of the five exercises and then repeat four times.

1. Bear crawls: To do a bear crawl you need to get down on all fours, keep your arms straights and your hands below your shoulders, your knees should be bent at 90 degress below your hips. You need to keep your back flat and do not arch it, then crawl forward and backward moving opposite hands and feet in unison.

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2. Squats: Squats have become a popular exercise as they are low impact. To do a squat put your feet shoulder width apart pointed out about 15 degrees. Tense your abs and bend down straight, almost as though you are trying to touch your bum to the floor, then spring back up and repeat.

3. Push ups: This is an exercise guaranteed to boost your fitness levels. To do a full push up place your hands on the floor slightly wider than your shoulders, then straighten your arms and legs. You then need to lower your body until it almost reaches the floor, and then push up. For an easier version come down to your knees.

4. Plank: Planks are great for stregthening your core stability. To do a plank place your hands directly under your shoulders, you can also rest on your elbows. Make sure your body is stretched out and your stomach is tight, then hold that position.

5. Flutter kicks: This is another great exercise to help tone your torso! Lay on the floor and slightly raise the top half of your body off the ground. Then raise your legs slightly off the ground rising one up and then the other.


 Luke Zhocci (pictured above) has been training Chris Hemsworth for eight years


Luke Zhocci (pictured above) has been training Chris Hemsworth for eight yearsCredit: Luke Zhocci

During the coronavirus lockdown, the 35-year-old has been surfing and training just outside Byron Bay in Australia and he says you don’t need to spend hours working out to get the body you want.

Speaking to The Sun, Luke said: “People training at home can get a great workout in twenty minutes, you don’t need weights or equipment, it can be all about body weight and functional movements.

“Bear crawls are something me and Chris use everyday. They are low impact and great for home workouts as explosive movements can be tough on some people.

 Luke said Chris is more or an "arms guy". Chris is pictured above in Netflix's Extraction


Luke said Chris is more or an “arms guy”. Chris is pictured above in Netflix’s ExtractionCredit: NETFLIX

“The best thing to do when at home is to set a time, 40 seconds on 20 seconds off. You should look to do five exercises and repeat the sets four times.

 “I’d start with bear crawls and then go lower body squats, then perhaps an upper body push up with a shoulder tap.

“Then to mix it up you could do something like a plank or a full body movement like a burpee, it doesn’t have to be with a jump if you want to keep it low impact. Then finish with a core exercise like flutter kicks and repeat this four times”.


Luke says one of the reasons the pair work together so well is because of how long they have known each other.

“We went to primary school together, he got into acting and I got into training, I helped him get ready for a role and then it just snowballed from there and we’ve been on the road together for eight years.

“Getting Chris ready for Extraction was surprisingly intense because for other roles he gets a lot bigger especially for roles like Marvel’s Thor.

“On a day to day basis he was tested more physically doing his own stunts and a lot of running.”

 For the new Extraction movie Chris had to do various training exercises


For the new Extraction movie Chris had to do various training exercisesCredit: NETFLIX
 Work it out! Luke said Chris trains in a variety of ways to get in shape


Work it out! Luke said Chris trains in a variety of ways to get in shapeCredit: instagram/chrishemsworth

He said Chris also had to do a lot of kickboxing and Muay Thai for the role as well as some more unusual training exercises.

“We had to cover a lot more this time so we were also doing underwater training with dumbbells.

“We had to be prepared for everything so covered it all from swimming to functional movements.”

In order to get Chris ready for Extraction, Luke said they started training three months before the film was due to be shot.

Luke said Chris slimmed down a lot for the role and that “everyday” was like a work out for Chris.

“Moving and fighting, we would train most days after he was filming  – he got into the rhythm of working all day and turned into a bit of a machine”.


Luke says Chris prefers to work on his arms and isn’t a huge fan of running.

“When it comes to the sort of workouts Chris likes the most – he loves functional movement stuff – sit throughs, body weight, pull ups, chin ups, bulking, but he really loves training arms, he’s a bit of an arms guy.

“When it comes to energy levels Chris eats pretty well and has a well balanced diet. On set he has a chef with him to plan his meals.

“On top of that motivation wise, he is pretty competitive”.

 Luke said training Chris for Extraction was "intense"


Luke said training Chris for Extraction was “intense”Credit: NETFLIX

But does the pair’s close relationship mean that Chris can get away with skipping leg day? Luke says he has worked out the best way to get Chris to do moves he isn’t that keen on.

“Because we’ve known each other such a long time sometimes it can be a disadvantage.

“If I yell at him it doesn’t work, sometimes I could ask him to do ten pull ups and he might say he wants to skip that part or that he can’t be bothered.

“So i’ll just say ok, and then i’ll do them and then he ends up doing 15, but he’s not scared to say no.

“When you’re training for a purpose or a goal, doing these roles are motivators for him and it makes my job easier”.

Luke said the hardest part of committing to exercise is to get started.

“You don’t want to overthink it, just get yourself moving and then get into a routine.

“Just commit to 20 mins a day three times a week, getting a bit of a sweat on and then it just snowballs from there.

“The hardest part of it is getting started, just find something you enjoy doing”.

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