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Chase Bank offers numerous checking accounts, which are described below:

Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM account

The Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM provides four free out-of-network ATM withdrawals per statement cycle. Premier Plus Checking customers can also open additional linked Chase checking accounts with no monthly fee. If you use checks, you’ll enjoy waived fees on select check designs. You’ll earn interest on your Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM account funds too. It’s pretty rare to find interest-bearing checking accounts (even more unusual for brick-and-mortar banks). Even though the rate isn’t high, this is still a plus.

Chase SapphireSM Checking account

The Chase SapphireSM Checking account expands on the benefits of the Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM account. This account offers no ATM fees worldwide, the opportunity to earn interest at Premier relationship rates, and up to nine fee-free linked Chase checking accounts. Chase Sapphire customers also get access to a dedicated 24/7 support line they can call if they experience any issues. But unless you have at least $75,000 in your Chase bank accounts, you’ll pay a high monthly fee.

Chase Secure BankingSM account

The Chase Secure BankingSM account is a bare-bones checking account with a low monthly fee, but there’s no way to waive it. The account is also missing some common features, like check writing and overdraft options, that you see with most other checking accounts. For that reason, it probably won’t appeal to customers as much as Chase’s other options.

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Chase First Banking account

The Chase First Banking account is designed for children aged six and older. In order to sign your child up, you must have an eligible checking account with Chase to link to your child’s account. Once your account is set up, you can transfer funds to your child’s account and monitor their spending. The Chase First Banking account also includes a debit card for your child to use and built-in savings tools to help them learn responsible money management.

Chase High School Checking account

The Chase High School Checking account is designed for children ages 13 to 17. Like the First Banking account, there’s no monthly fee, but you must link the account to a qualifying Chase checking account.

Chase College Checking account

The Chase College checking account is designed for college students aged 17 to 24 and has no monthly fee while you’re enrolled in school with a waivable fee for those who are no longer attending college. It’s similar to the Chase High School Checking account but doesn’t require a linked parent account to open.

Chase Private Client account

A Chase Private Client account is intended for those who keep large sums in their bank accounts. It has no monthly service, ATM, or overdraft fees and you can earn interest on your balance. However, you can only open one of these accounts at a branch and you need an average daily balance of $250,000 or more to do so.

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