Capital One Spark Classic 2021 Review


Top perks

Accepts fair credit business owners: Capital One offers five different business credit cards, and the Capital One® Spark® Classic for Business is specifically designed for borrowers with fair credit histories. So keep this fact in mind as you read the rest of this section — some of these perks may not seem competitive with the industry’s best business credit cards, but they are rather strong for a card geared toward fair-credit borrowers.

Unlimited 1% cash back: Capital One doesn’t hide any details, and its cash-back program is straightforward. Cardholders enjoy a flat 1% cash-back rewards rate on all spending.

No foreign transaction fees: Whether on the road or simply paying a bill from a foreign vendor, cardholders need not worry about costly foreign transaction fees. Some cards charge as much as 3% for payments in foreign currencies, which can tally up to $60 on purchases as small as $2,000.

$0 annual fee: The card doesn’t charge an annual fee, which should be expected for credit cards earning a flat rate of 1% cash back.

Flexible redemptions: Many cards restrict cash-back redemptions, but that’s not the case with this card. There are no minimum redemption requirements, and statement credit redemptions can be automated.

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Free employee cards: Capital One will give cardholders free cards for their employees, and each of those will earn rewards for the account as well.

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