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YellowKorner invites you to check out the most essential photographs from our collection. Although each and every one of our photographers shows true talent in their work, some go off the beaten path to surprise and charm the spectator.
As well, certain types of photographs are more easily integrated into most interiors, whether they be at home, in a space designed to welcome the public, or in a private office.
These artists then become phenomenally successful at YellowKorner, which is why we continue to present this collection of our bestsellers in a numbered limited edition.
The unmistakeable photographer Franck Bohbot is clearly on this sought-after list. With their soft, vintage
light, photographs of monuments and big cities by this visionary French artist are highly appealing. He invites us on a voyage, draws our gaze into often inaccessible places, opens up perspectives, and highlights the beauty of modern architecture. His shots, so full of life and colour, never fail to shine.
It is in a similar vein of art photography that we can find Ludwig Favre , the winner of the 2015 GEO photo awards. From swimming pools
to beaches
and works of contemporary art to Hong-Kongskyscrapers, his style of photography is modern, rich, and colourful.
And finally, Damien Dufresne
is highly ranked for his unique and masterful technique. He is the instigator of a new approach combining the arts of photography and painting. He creates portraits that are most often tightly focussed on the face , placing them against a deep black background. By adding trickles of paint, as if just out of the pot, he brings an unrivalled vivacity and elegance to his works.
Take a look through these photographs and enhance your interior with one of our iconic creations taken by talented photographers of the past, present, and future. With black-and-white
portraits, from women
To landscapes
, come and discover our collection of bestsellers which have made and continue to make our galleries so successful.
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