Best red wines under Rs 2,000

This full-bodied Shiraz from the Limestone Coast is a fan favourite for its rich textures. Easily the best Australian red in this price bracket, Tiwari recommends it for its “lovely, mid-depth colour and purple tint. It’s also got notes of red spice, ginger, and earthy notes on the aroma.”

Broken Hill Shiraz price in India: ₹1300 approx

8. Chateau de Fontenille Bordeaux

A rich mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, this Bordeaux is chock-full of blackberry and black currant notes. Smooth, deep-hued and fruity, this is a good wine to pick up if you want a more traditional ‘red’ experience. “The silky smooth tannins and its pinch of sweet spice add so much to the wine,” Tiwari says. Its alcohol levels aren’t terribly high either, so if you want a light something to sip on that won’t go to your head, this is your guy.

Chateau de Fontenille Bordeaux price in India: ₹1,799 approx

9. The Wolftrap Boekenhoutskloof (Red)

Regarded as a good enough wine to actually fall into a far higher price bracket, this South African spirit is fruity with a bit of a savoury aftertaste. Not very acerbic and with a fairly high alcohol level (14.5%), we recommend drinking this wine with abandon on a Friday night versus a weeknight. “People love it for it’s aromas of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle, and its oak-aged Viognier grapes that add a rich, creamy taste with hints of vanilla,” says Tiwari.

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The Wolftrap Boekenhoutskloof (Red) price in India: ₹1,675 approx

10. Villa Maria Marlborough Pinot Noir

With its mix of both red and dark, there’s almost as much cherry happening here as a Pop Tart (we jest, of course). It’s also got tones of red berry and spice that give it depth and, according it Tiwari, “make a particularly juicy wine.” He also finds “subtle aromas of dried thyme and rosemary, intermingled with blackberries and blackcurrant.” Its deliciously velvety texture is, erm, the cherry on top.

Villa Maria Marlborough Pinot Noir price in India: ₹1,850 approx


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