Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards of September 2021


You can find nearly any type of card with no annual fee. If you have a low credit score, you can find a secured credit card with no annual fee. Besides a secured card, you can also find hundreds of unsecured options if you have an average-to-good credit score. You could even get a business credit card with no annual fee.

In addition to no annual fee cash back credit cards, there are some basic travel rewards cards, as well as a few major airlines and hotels that offer co-branded cards without an annual fee. That said, your average no annual fee card comes with cash back rewards. Categories usually cover popular everyday purchases, like gas and groceries, with a rewards rate of 3% or less for bonus categories. A few fee-free cards offer up to 5% cash back rewards on eligible purchases, though those tend to have rotating categories with earnings caps.

Cash back is a favorite of folks who don’t want to fuss with trying to maximize rewards. Your cash rewards can be redeemed for statement credit or gift cards.

One place no annual fee cards actually outdo most cards with a fee is in the introductory APR offer. Many premium rewards cards with big annual fees don’t come with promotional interest rate offers. Not only do many no annual fee cards come with at least 12 months of 0% intro APR on eligible purchases, but all of the longest promotional offers are from cards with no annual fee.

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