Best Gas & Groceries Credit Cards for September 2021


Gas and grocery credit cards are a good idea when gas and groceries are two of your biggest monthly expenses. An easy way to figure out if you should be looking at the best credit cards for food and gas is to review your spending for the last couple of months. If gas and groceries are in your top three or four expenses, then getting the best grocery and gas credit card will save you a lot of money.

You can also combine a gas and groceries credit card with other top credit cards that earn more in different categories. One popular strategy is to choose the best credit card for groceries and gas and another card that earns a flat rate, such as 1.5%, on each purchase. Whenever you’re at the grocery store or the pump, you’d pay with your grocery and gas credit card to earn bonus rewards. On everything else, you’d use your flat-rate card to get 1.5% back instead of 1%.

If you find that you can manage multiple credit cards easily enough, then you can always add more to get more bonus rewards. You could carry your best card for groceries and gas, a flat-rate card, plus a card that earns more on dining and entertainment. Alternatively, you could consolidate cards by looking for the best credit card for gas, groceries, and restaurants. The bottom line is that there are many situations when applying for the best credit card for grocery and gas is a wise choice.

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