Best Business Credit Cards of September 2021


What people often don’t realize about business credit cards is that you can get one surprisingly early in your business’s lifespan, and it’s smart to do so.

In fact, you don’t need a registered business to apply for a business credit card. Card issuers let you apply as a sole proprietor, using your Social Security number. The business also doesn’t have to be profitable yet. Your application can get approved based on your personal income. When you apply for a business credit card, the card issuer will look at your personal financial information and credit history.

While there are many benefits to business credit cards, the primary reason it’s so important to have one is to keep your personal and business expenses separate. It’s harder to track spending separately for yourself and your business if all your expenses are mixed together on the same card. During tax season, you’ll be happy you got a business credit card when you can review your card’s expense reports for deductions.

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