Baby born with ‘double penis’ after his twin failed to form in the womb, docs believe

A BABY born with a “double penis” could have been as a result of a twin that failed to form properly in the womb, doctors say.

The boy, who was born in Assiut, Egypt, also had two separate scrotums and urethras, meaning he was able to urinate through both.

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A baby born was born with a 'double penis' after docs fear his twin failed to form in the womb


A baby born was born with a ‘double penis’ after docs fear his twin failed to form in the wombCredit: Getty – Contributor

The unusual case was highlighted by Ahmed Maher Ali and his team Pediatric Surgery Unit in Assiut University Children Hospital.

Writing in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, they said: “Our case has a complete double penis with two separate scrotums.”

Their report added: “We present a newborn with double penis and double scrotum as a part of a caudal duplication syndrome (CDS) which is a condition includes duplication of the distal organs of the body.

“It is crucial to have knowledge about it to be able to be identified.

“The cause of CDS is unknown many theories have tried to explain that, but the most accepted theory is failure of monchorial twins to separate completely.

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“CDS is a very rare condition which needs multidisciplinary team to manage and needs staged repair.

“Most paediatricians and paediatric surgeons are unable to diagnose it, we add a case of CDS to the literature.”


The baby weighed 5.5lbs at birth and his double penis also had double pinpoint urethral opening so he could urinate through both.

There was also double scrotum containing one palpable testis for each.

Tragically, there was no initial anal orifice and surgery was required for a low descending colostomy that revealed a duplicated colon.

The medics wrote: “The patient started oral feeding and tolerating and pass regularly from the colostomy.”

They concluded: “CDS is a rare condition that needs a multidisciplinary team for its management that includes staged repair of duplications.

“In our case, we are planning to start staged repair at the age of 16 months.”

What is caudal duplication syndrome?

Caudal duplication syndrome (CDS) is a very rare congenital abnormality that is associated with duplication and malformation of caudal structures.

These are made up of the spine, the spinal cord, gastrointestinal and urogenital systems.

The cause of CDS is not completely understood.

However, it is assumed that misexpression of certain genes that regulate the developmental process may have a prominent role in it.

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The prevalence of this syndrome is less than 1 in 100,000 births and adulthood CDS reports are extremely rare.

Source: Dr. Aarti Deenadayal Tolani, International Journal of Case Reports and Images

They stressed written informed consent was obtained from the patient parents for publication of this case report and accompanying images.

Last year, doctors in Russia revealed how they saved a baby born with three legs and two penises.

Medics in Moscow believe the third leg, with two heels, came from a twin that did not fully develop in the mother’s womb.

The additional limb was located between the two normal legs and the child was also born with two sets of genitals and double urinary systems but no anus.

The additional leg was spotted during a routine scan on the unnamed mother who lives in Russia.

She declined an abortion and the child was delivered in a natural birth, say reports.

An urgent operation was carried out after birth to allow the child to defecate.

Following extensive surgeries, the boy was said to be expected to live a normal life.

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