Are Jade Cline and Sean still together?

JADE Cline and her boyfriend Sean, who feature on Teen Mom 2, have a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship.

The couple joined the Teen Mom cast in 2018.

Sean and Jade Cline


Sean and Jade Cline

Are Jade Cline and Sean still together?

As of June 2021, it’s believed that Jade and Sean are not together.

The Teen Mom 2 star, who shares 3-year-old daughter Kloie with her ex, told fans they were no longer together on April 7.

Sean, 27, appears to have used his split from Teen Mom star Jade, 23, as inspiration for his creative side hustle.

At the end of April 2021, Sean released a song assumed to be about his former flame.

Jade and Sean share one daughter together


Jade and Sean share one daughter together

The track, titled Toxic, has been released under his rap alter ego, Svnsxx and features such lyrics as: “B***h confusin’ / I’ve been through it /I won’t do this sh*t with you.”

Sean also appears to accuse Jade of wasting his time with the lyrics: “You said it was gonna be forever but you didn’t count the hard day.

“Less then six months later and you wanna part ways/ I ain’t got time for/ I ain’t got time for/ why’d waste my time for?”

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Several Redditors suggested Jade should ask Farrah Abraham’s mom Debbie Danielson to respond with her own diss track.

Debra, 63, who launched her own music career with the track Debz OG, has faced her own haters who criticized her songs.

Jade Cline and Sean joined the MTV cast in 2018


Jade Cline and Sean joined the MTV cast in 2018Credit: MTV

How much does Jade Cline make per episode of Teen Mom?

Jade Cline’s current net worth is reportedly just around $250,000 for her work both on and off the show.

On the show, Cline was reported to be making around $5,000 per episode.

This was reported when Cline had just started on the show back during season nine.

Cline joined halfway through the ninth season, so its possible that now she makes more per episode.

Outside of Teen Mom 2, Cline has other resources as well contributing to her net worth.

She is a licensed cosmetologist and owns a hair salon business, Hair Slayed by Jade.

She’s also previously worked at her family business, Sanders Family Restaurant.

Did Jade Cline get plastic surgery?

Jade has admitted to getting a Brazilian butt lift as well as liposuction.

Jade has been very open about the tough recovery process she dealt with after getting the BBL.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, the MTV star admitted that the experience was not what she expected.

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Jade Cline got liposuction and a BBL


Jade Cline got liposuction and a BBLCredit: MTV

The reality star was incredibly swollen and in “excruciating pain” when she left the hospital, as her mom Christy and step-father Corey helped her into the back of the car.

When a fan asked how tolerable the pain was after the procedure on a scale of one to 10, the Young and Pregnant alum replied “20.”

Teen Mom 2 fans were furious with Jade’s troubled mom after she seemed to disappear with her suffering daughter’s pain meds she was prescribed after her Brazilian butt surgery.

After arriving back at her rented house in Miami, Christy and Corey left to go pick up her medications.

However, hours later they still had not returned and according to Briana DeJesus who was in town to help out, Jade had turned “blue” from the pain.

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