Amy Winehouse’s dad claims he’s been visited by her ghost since her death ten years ago

AMY Winehouse’s dad has claimed he’s been visited by her GHOST.

Mitch, 70, insists Amy’s spirit has visited him ever since her death ten years ago.

Mitch says his daughter Amy's spirit visits him


Mitch says his daughter Amy’s spirit visits himCredit: Getty – Contributor

He made the revelation in a new BBC documentary, Reclaiming Amy.

Mitch said: “People watching this film will think I am a deluded idiot,”

“She [Amy] has come and sat on the bed. She knows I am nervous, she would do more, but she knows I would be frightened. She is wherever her mum is as well.”

English singer and songwriter Amy passed away aged just 27 in 2011.

Before her death she was one of the biggest names in music known for her unique voice and powerful lyrics.

But she sadly died of alcohol poisoning and was found lifeless with a laptop on her bed and empty bottles of vodka on the floor in her North London flat.

She had battled drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues since 2005.

As the tenth anniversary of her death approaches, Amy’s friends and family will celebrate her short life by releasing the new documentary.

The film will feature interviews with mum Janis Winehouse, unseen family footage and BBC archive content.

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Janis said: “I don’t feel the world knew the true Amy, the one that I brought up.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to offer an understanding of her roots and a deeper insight into the real Amy.”

Amy died when she was just 27 years old


Amy died when she was just 27 years oldCredit: Getty – Contributor

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