Allstate Auto Insurance 2021 Review


Top perks

Milewise provides savings for infrequent drivers

People who don’t drive much may be able to save money with Milewise. Instead of standard premiums, policyholders pay per mile they travel as well as a flat daily rate. Motorists who travel just 3,000 miles per year, for example, can save as much as 61% on their premiums.

Discounts for good driving

Allstate’s Drivewise program means safe drivers can get discounted premiums. To take advantage, a driver needs to plug Allstate’s device into their vehicle. They’ll get an initial reduction just for installing it. Then, every six months, their premiums will go down a bit more if they’ve driven responsibly.

In-person support from agents across the country

Unlike many insurers, such as Geico, which have a limited number of agents, Allstate has an extensive nationwide network of professionals ready to help motorists get the coverage they need. Allstate is a great choice for those who want in-person support.

Claim satisfaction guarantee

Allstate’s Claim Satisfaction guarantee is unique. If for any reason a policyholder isn’t happy with the way the insurer handles their claim, they’ll be eligible for a credit of up to six months worth of premiums — no questions asked.

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