10 Best Quotes From Hinata That’ll Boost Your Spirits

Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto went through an amazing transformation in Naruto. She went from being a supporting character with no confidence and a simple crush to one of the strongest kunoichi in the Village of the Hidden Leaves. She even fulfilled her unrequited love and broke free from the restrains the Hyuuga Clan placed on her from a young age.

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Although she did have some character flaws that fans did not agree with, she said many inspiring quotes throughout the seriesーand a lot of them during pivotal moments in the series. Here’s 10 quotes that’ll be sure to inspire fans.

10 “Naruto… I Have Always Watched For Many Years. Why? I Don’t Know Why, But Whenever I Look At You… I Feel More Courage Within Me. It Makes Me Feel Like I Can Accomplish Something If I Try… It Makes Me Feel Like I Am Worth Something.”

Hinata has always had low self-esteem because of her being born as a Hyuuga. Before the massacre of the Uchiha Clan, the Hyuuga Clan was the second most powerful clan in the Village of the Hidden Leaves. Because of the tough training and bullying she received, it’s was no wonder she was always timid.

However, despite Naruto himself being bullied, he continued to push onward. This quote reflects just how much watching him work hard had an effect on Hinata.

9 “You Make Mistakes. But Because Of Those Mistakes… You Get The Strength To Stand Up To Them. That’s Why I Think You Are Truly Strong!”

Naruto had an effect on a lot of characters throughout the series, and Hinata was one of them. Naruto isn’t the best at doing certain thingsーcomplicated or notーbut he has never given up. No matter the mistakes he makes, he continues to push onward.

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Despite other characters not thinking the same way, Hinata has always seen him do his best, no matter how many mistakes he makes. She thinks of “mistakes” as a way to become stronger.

8 “When I Watch You, I Feel Strong, Like I Can Do AnythingーThat Even I Am Worth Something.”

Hinata had a hard time breaking out of her shell throughout the series, but Naruto Shippuden showed how she changed from being a timid girl to a well-respected kunoichi.

Despite her still being shy, she trained hard enough to become more respected by her clan.  This quote goes to show how much strength one can gain from watching someone they respect work hard.

7 “You’re Wrong, Neji… Because I Can See That You Are Suffering More Than Me… You Are The One Who Is Confused And Suffering Inside The Fate Of The Head And Branch Families.”

This quote was powerful not only because of the words, but because of the condition she was when she stated it. During the Chunin Exams fight with her cousin Neji, she realized how much he hated being a branch member of the Hyuuga Clan.

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Despite Neji being unrelenting in his fight against her, Hinata still managed to be kind to him in a time when she didn’t.

6 “To Other People, I Might Not Have Changed At All, But I Feel Like I Was Able To Change.”

Hinata went through a lot of developmental change throughout the series, even if it wasn’t apparent at first glance. This goes for characters in Naruto as well.

Even if it was a slight change, as long as one believes that they themselves have grown as a person, that is all that matters.

5 “It’s Because Now The Person I’ve Admired For So Long Is Finally Watching Me, And… And In Front Of Him… I Can’t Bear To Look Uncool!”

Here is another quote from the famed fight with Hinata battling Neji. Despite Hinata not winning this fight, she did her bestーdoubly so because the object of her affection, Naruto, was watching and cheering her on from the stands.

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Although Hinata was usually timid and did not bring that much attention to herself before this fight, it caused her popularity to shoot up when she showed how much potential she had as a character and kunoichi.

4 “In My Eyes, You’re A Proud Failure! When I Look At You, I Get An Intense Feeling In My Heart… Because You’re Not Perfect… Because You Fail, You Have The Strength To Face Your Failure… I Think That’s Real Strength.”

Failure is not always a bad thing. No matter how many times one fails, they should get back up and challenge themselves again.

That is what Hinata saw whenever she watched Naruto, and that is how she was able to slowly change herself and work harder when training.

3 “Therefore, Stand Up Together With Me, Naruto… Because Never Going Back On One’s Word… Is My Ninja Way, Too!”

This quote hits hard, as Neji’s death took a toll on the entire Shinobi Alliance Force. After Neji sacrificed himself for both Naruto and Hinata, Naruto gave upーbecause someone dear to him lost their life after he swore he wouldn’t let anyone die.

However, despite her cousin dying before her, she gathered the strength to smack some sense into Naruto to make him stand up can continue fighting.

2 “I Used To Always Cry And Give Up. I Made Many Wrong Turns… But You Helped Me Find The Right Path. I Always Chased After You. I Wanted To Catch Up To You. I Wanted To Walk Beside You All The Time. I Just Wanted To Be With You. You Changed Me! Your Smile Is What Saved Me! That Is Why I’m Not Afraid To Die Protecting You! Because… I Love You.”

This was, at a time, what fans considered Hinata’s last words as she stood before Pain to protect Naruto. Despite Pain being an opponent Naruto told her she could not defeat, she refused to leave him and confessed her loveーa scene no fan thought would ever happen.

Hinata stated she was unafraid of death if it meant protecting him. This remains one of the best confessions, and scenes, in Naruto and shounen anime.

1 “…Never… Go Back… On My Word… Because… That’s… My Ninja Way, Too!”

Who could forget the intense battle between Hinata and Neji where she refused to give up, even when she was beaten and bruised to the point she almost died?

These famous words may have been Naruto’s ninja wayーbut as Hinata’s ninja way as well, stated as she was tired from battleーmade quite the impact on fans worldwide, encapsulating people to look at Hinata in a new light.

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