10 Best Accessories for Swing Sets

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Intro to Swing Set Accessories

A swing set is a must for encouraging your kids to head outside to play, but the standard swing-and-slide combination can quickly lose its appeal. Give your basic set a revamp by adding custom accessories that offer hours of active and creative fun for all ages.

You can opt to buy accessories ready to assemble or build customized DIY versions. But keep in mind that any add-ons should be compatible with your swing set and age-appropriate for safe play.

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Climbing holdsFamily Handyman

Climbing Wall

Kids of all ages love the challenge of scaling a climbing wall, basically an inclined panel with hand- and foot-holds attached.

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Customize your climbing wall to match the skill level of your child by adjusting the incline and the spacing of the holds, or add a climbing rope to the wall so kids can pull themselves up and rappel back down. Many playset companies sell compatible plastic climbing wall add-ons that include the panel and holds. Otherwise, build the panel yourself and purchase a set of colorful plastic holds and knotted rope to attach for a DIY version.

View more information: https://www.familyhandyman.com/list/swing-set-accessories/

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