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Thanks to Gov. Jesse Ventura! He always tells it exactly as it is.

I am fed up with so many people posting their opinions about this that stray from the truth.

Jesse Ventura
Yesterday at 1:14pm · 

Whether you’re a football fan or not, I want you to think about what kneeling means to you. Are you religious or do you participate in any form of organized religion? Isn’t kneeling a sign of reverence and honoring something—not dishonoring? So, when you kneel during a religious ceremony, it’s honorable. But when it comes to nationalism and our flag, it’s dishonorable? No, Kaepernick didn’t stand. He kneeled. The next time you kneel before something, think about the statement you’re making. Does it feel disrespectful? Or does it feel like you’re making a statement about something you believe in deeply?

When it comes to the First Amendment, we have the right as Americans to do whatever we want to our flag. We can light it on fire, if we so choose to. And some have. But no where does it state that we must stand during the pledge or the national anthem or while honoring the flag. No where does it say that the flag represents the military and the veterans of our country. It’s a piece of cloth. It might symbolize what you feel for our country, it might symbolize the sacrifices our veterans made for our country, but I don’t find it disrespectful to veterans if someone chooses to kneel instead of stand before the flag as a sign of protest. That person is still showing respect while making a point. It’s called non-violent protest. It’s called the First Amendment. And out of all the rights I took an oath to defend, to me as a veteran, the First Amendment is the most important. That’s why it’s FIRST above all of the other amendments.

Don’t forget that President Drumpf took an oath to defend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. No one should be fired for exercising First Amendment rights. This isn’t his tv show; this is reality. In our country, it isn’t the President’s job to call for the firing of citizens who are exercising their rights to the First Amendment. That in fact, goes against freedom.

When it comes to the flag, read about the history of other countries. In 1930s Germany, it all started with nationalism. With forced patriotism. With being told to salute the flag. There is nothing in our Constitution or Bill of Rights that says we as Americans must salute the flag.

But when it comes to the boycott, sure, go ahead and boycott the NFL. I’d like to see how long that really lasts. Do you really think Drumpf won’t watch the Superbowl?

And by the way, prior to 2009, we wouldn’t even be having this debate. Before 2009, NFL teams could stand for the anthem, or if they were busy strategizing with the coach, they didn’t have to go out on the field. There was no requirement for them to be out there during the anthem. And if they were or weren’t, no one made a big deal out of it.

In 2009, that all changed. The Department of Defense paid the NFL owners for patriotic displays—known as “paid patriotism”. When it comes to patriotism, the NFL was proud to participate once they were paid to do it. So next time the camera gives a close up of all the players standing for the anthem, or the next time a soldier parachutes out of a helicopter onto the field, think about how much of our tax dollars went toward paying NFL owners to include that patriotic display. And think long enough to realize your tax dollars should be spent more wisely.

When it really comes down to it, as Americans, all of us want our country to represent and reflect who we are. Those NFL players who kneeled knew the risks. They knew they’d be demonized for doing it and could even lose their jobs. But they did it anyway. That takes courage. You don’t have to agree with their decision to kneel, but as Americans, they have the right to do so. So maybe rather than debating whether or not kneeling is disrespectful, we should be thinking about why they did it. What compelled them to take a knee. See our country through their perspective. Because that’s really what this is all about.