How Christians Should VoteHow Christians Should Vote
Senior Pastor Richard D. Dover
Seattle Open Door Church

This message is not on who to specifically vote for, but what a Christian should consider when voting for a political candidate. Most pastors stay totally clear of politics. They don't want to get into the frey. But every pastor should share with their congregation biblical principles that guide how we as Christians should vote. Otherwise most Christians will vote based upon emotions, feelings, and what candidates claim to support, ignoring if they are trustworthy or not.

At one time people use to say, don't vote for the Party but for the person. Now we hear everyone saying don't vote for the person but the Party. At the end of the day, the Party is not going to be holding political office, it is going to be a person. We must not ignore character. However, we must also vote based upon which candidate/Party best reflects the principles found in Scripture.

Needless to say in 28 minutes we cannot cover all the issues of the day, but hopefully share biblical insights on how to make the best choice that lines up with the will of God. Also understanding that God is sovereign.

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