Meet some of the local food activists behind the effort to label genetically modified organisms and ban their use. Hear various ways to monkey-wrench the corporate food monopoly. This panel was recorded at the recent “2013 Justice Begins with Seeds International Conference” in Seattle, Washington.

Lori Lively, Editor of Sound Outlook and Steering committee for Yes on 522 
Trudy Bialic, Director of Public Affairs for PCC Natural Markets
Alexis Baden-Mayer, Political Director of the Organic Consumers Association
John Roulac, Founder and CEO of Nutiva
Dave Murphy, Founder and Executive Director of Food Democracy Now!
Chris Hardy, Co-Founder of GMO Free Jackson County
Marney Reynolds, GMO-Free San Juans
Steve Hallstrom, Co-owner of Letus Farm, member of the Yes on 522 steering committee

Thanks to Miguel Robles

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Steve Hallstrom Co-owner of Letus Farm, an 80-acre organic spread on the Chehalis River near Oakville, WA where he oversees full-time farming internships for four students every year, past president of the Seattle chapter of the Audabon Society, he worked with legendary environmentalist Hazel Wolf, member of the Yes on 522 steering committee