“Onto the ballot – into the streets.” That’s the headline for the next big moment for 15 Now – this conference on April 26 was organized to kick-off a mass campaign in Seattle to collect 50,000 signatures for a robust $15 minimum wage ballot initiative. Whether or not 15 Now will file those signatures in June, triggering a popular vote on November 4, depends on whether the City Council passes a real $15 minimum wage ordinance and will be decided by a democratic 15 Now conference in June.

The credible threat of a winnable ballot initiative is the best tool – under the current conditions of a weak union movement and a historically low level of strikes – that working people have to push back attempts by big business and politicians to dramatically water down any effort for a $15/hr minimum wage. The April 26 Conference aims to launch dozens of new local 15 Now Action Groups as the basis for a powerful mass movement to, if necessary, overcome the millions big business will pour in to defeat a ballot initiative.

The conference drew speakers and attendees from all over the country.  This program contains selected highlights.  Speakers include:

Jesse Lessinger - Seattle
Jess Spear - Seattle
Toya Chester - Boston
Chris Gray - Minneapolis
Steven  Molina - New York City
Rob Rooke - Oakland
Mary Clinton - Occupy Wall Street, NY
Peter Taaffe - general secretary of the Socialist Party of England and Wales
Glenn Ford - Black Agenda Report
Kshama Sawant - Seattle City Councilwoman (Socialist Alternative Party)

See also: www.socialistalternative.org

Edited by Todd Boyle
Cameras by Ed Mays & Todd Boyle

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