With Last Year's passage of Initiative 502, recreational marijuana use and possession became legal in Washington.  Now, the battle is on to preserve the hard-fought rights of medical cannabis patients.   Seriously ill Washington residents have been legally permitted to use cannabis since 1998 when voters approved Initiative 692, but the spotlight on recreational use has prompted elected officials to re-examine the existing medical marijuana program.  The most recent blueprint for restructuring includes greatly restricting home grows, eliminating cooperative cultivation, forcing doctors to reissue new recommendations for all patients and folding production and distribution into 502 outlets which are not yet licensed or fully functional.  Seattle Hempfest is proud to present this community rally to discuss the future of medical marijuana in Washington.

Thanks to Town Hall Seattle and Seattle Hempfest

Featured on Part 1:

Vivian McPeak, Joanna McKee, Ben Livingston, Dante Jones, State Sen. Jeannie Kohl-Wells, Alex Cooley, Shawn DeNae, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, Allison Bigelow, John Novak, Aaron Pelley, Sean Green, & Dominic Holden


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