Never before in the history of the United States has our system been so openly corrupted by big money.  Our democracy has been overtaken by corporate interests who have bought favor with politicians, putting up huge roadblocks to any legislation that benefits We The People.  But all over the country people are also fighting back and demanding change.

Now is the time to take our power back by supporting a constitutional amendment that says that corporations are not people and that money is not speech.  

• Over 80% of Americans support an amendment.

• Over 140 groups are working to GET THE MONEY OUT of politics

• 16 states and hundreds of cities have called for a constitutional amendment.

• The 113th Congress proposed 14 amendments

• Over 150 members of Congress support a constitutional amendment.

There are several ways to amend the constitution but the State of Washington is the only state that currently has an initiative campaign [I-1329].  There are also currently two bills in congress, one proposed by Rep. Alan Grayson (D FL 8) and one on the Senate  side proposed by Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY).  Rep. Jim McDermot and Patty Murray are co-sponsors but at this time Maria Cantwell has not signed on.  All these efforts need our help.  To give the campaign momentum, the 28th Amendment National Roadshow recently came to Seattle.  This program contains two keynote speeches:

Labor Organizer and historian Mark McDermott gives a powerful presentation outlining the history of the struggles for constitutional amendments to curb corporate abuse and win the franchise.  This is followed by a fiery speech by John Nichols Washington correspondent for The Nation.

Get involved:

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