Peabody Energy, the world’s biggest coal company wants to move millions of tons of coal from open pit mines in Montana and Wyoming by rail across the western United States to 5 huge coal terminals it plans to build in Washington State and from there, ship it to China where it will be burned- poisoning the ocean and the atmosphere with mercury and other toxins as well as every community along the way with toxic coal dust.  Thus making certain that if asthma or cancer doesn't get you, climate change will.  If that's not enough, the additional 18 daily 1.5 mile long, slow moving trains could make your traffic woes go from bad trip to Nightmare on Elm Street!

These are just some of the hundreds of impacts you can expect if Peabody Coal and the big money interests behind them get their way.  Luckily, since Peabody and the banksters are virtually the only ones who think this is a great idea, people in communities all along the way are rising up and organizing to stop it.

Pirate TV so happened to be at one of these organizing meetings.  This meeting was on October 29th in Seattle, held to prepare residents to speak effectively at the upcoming November 13th Seattle Environmental Impact Hearing- one of 8 to be held in Washington State.  The first coal terminal is proposed to be built at Cherry Point near Bellingham.  The hearing held in Bellingham, October 27th drew 2000 people.  Unlimited comments can also be emailed, mailed, or submitted via the internet.  Learn how you can participate by joining us in what turned out to be a rousing teach-in featuring an introduction by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and conducted by activist extraordinaire James Wells.

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