Nightmare Fuel

Series Description

"We're living proof that failure is our friend." When Pop Culture goes wrong, it goes all the way. Crack cocaine. Teen Pregnancy. Euthanasia. Singing Klingons. Public Access Television. Christianity. These are just some of the hard hitting topics and controversial subjects we make fun of every episode. You've seen it all on YouTube, but you haven't experienced it quite like this. You will see things you can never, ever unsee and you will probably like it. Nightmare Fuel is a compilation/remix of awesome, weird, funny, and some of the most disturbing videos that the wonderful world of YouTube has made possible. Nightmare Fuel was built on the idea that other TV programs (at least in mainstream cable) that showcase viral videos just don't get it. In presentation and format, they are basically the same old crap we've been suffering through since the days of home video shows like "America's Funniest Home Videos" or "Wildest Police Videos Caught on Tape" or "Most Extreme Videos of Extreme Extremes" that go something like this: The host(s) setup and introduce each video with some corny one-liner, the video rolls, and they do lame voice over adding in cute little lines or unnecessary commentary to ruin what might have been an otherwise entertaining video clip. I'm talking to you Saget. That's right. I've got my eye on you. And I know you care. Anyway. It's LAME. It's boring. This is not. This is awesome. It may shock you, humor you, arouse you, disgust you, or all of those at once. Seriously. You need to see this. Your head will explode from overload. Now that's a good Friday night.

Series Blog Postings

It's about damn time..... Saturday March 10, 2012