Mikey Weinstein, Co-founder & President of Military Religious Freedom Foundation or MRFF, introduces his second book, No Snowflake in an Avalanche.”

The book title comes from a favorite Voltaire quote viz. "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

Responsibility – even culpability – is clear respecting the fundamentalist/dominionist drift in our military. Top brass – in the chaplain’s corp. and defense dept. - have enunciated their objective which is to evangelize anyone in uniform deemed un-churched!

Mikey Weinstein’s book & talk deliver cases of religious harassment foisted upon our service members up and down the ranks. There may be “Freedom of Religion” but there is almost no “Freedom from Religion” while in uniform.

A boss in the military no way resembles a boss in civilian life. Military bosses can and do compel conversion to preposterous “fundamentalist” Christianity. “TALIBAN” - American variety - cries Mikey Weinstein.

It is a witches’ brew and National Security Threat of the highest order. Here is the recipe: combine with Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction, toss in vulgar form of patriotism, mold commandingly then drain away proper supervision.

The DEVIL has his army!

“Make believers” goes the Great Commission – Mark 16, Matthew 28 - so adhered to by “fundamentalists” in and out of uniform. However, history is bleak when men of the cloth also wield military/political power. “America embarks on the tenth version of crusade in the Mideast”, should you ask Mikey Weinstein or most Muslims.

Pressing to all - not just ensnared service members - is a concern whether “end times” guides our military. Why else would sixty-eight nuclear launch Air Force officers seek mental asylum from “Jesus Loves Nukes” and St. Augustine’s “Just War” propaganda!

It does not end there. Did you hear about Jesus Rifles! Trijicon Company embedded biblical verse in ALL military M4, M16 riflescopes – yet, experienced little to no repercussions. Evangelizing Trijicon still has its two billion dollar contract!

In this rousing talk, you learn why Military Religious Freedom Foundation - www.militaryreligiousfreedom.org - is the go to organization for service members under religious duress.