The Northwest will soon have a new look - SOOT!   Gone will be “clean & green” as mile long “dust-spewing” coal trains course – one after another - through our communities. 

There is not much you can do… it is going to happen” the industry would like you to believe.

Have you seen a UNICORN!  They are as prevalent as CLEAN COAL. 

All that talk about scrubbers and modern coal-fired power plants is equivalent to a lower-tar cigarette - still deadly -  according to guest Eric de Place of Sightline Institute.

The economics of COAL and supplying China with cheap energy are extraordinarily IFFY.  Industry covers those facts, but not its coal-dust-spewing trains. 

One side of the balance sheet only harped about!  There will be jobs – some.  However, coal extraction, hauling and port operations are HIGHLY mechanized.  “You can barely do worse for job creation than COAL,” repeats Eric de Place. 

Yet, impacts to other freight & passenger rail do not enter coal industry’s equation.  Neither do disruptions to commerce and lifestyle occasioned by life-sucking “wait” at railroad crossings.

You heard, probably, the FABLE about TAXES.  Industry will not pay much be assured. 

The PUBLIC hauling is certain.  You the taxpayer will cough-up upwards of 98% for all rail improvements – including traffic grade crossings that may tally millions each.  The tab will be multi-billion while industry liquidates the Northwest.

It is all downside for citizens should Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal ever operate.  

There is a reservoir of IRONY.  Coal is in steep decline as Americans demand cleaner energy, resort to conservation, natural gas, solar, and wind.  Nevertheless, Seattle is on that Last Gasp Highway for a dying industry to ship its otherwise unsalable coal - to China.

Join host Dr. Valerie Tarico and guest Eric de Place in this important discourse. 

Join them December 13 from 4 PM ~ 7 PM Washington State Convention Center for the SCOPING HEARING to decide permitting of Gateway Pacific "super-dirty" COAL Terminal!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”  --- poet Alice Walker