Nothing to hide then open your books!

Churches, unlike the many non-profits, are not [legally] required to disclose anything.

It is a perfect design for fleecing that can end up in lavish excess. Maybe your aunt Maude has fallen prey!

Just consider the PARSONAGE exemption: it resulted in an air-conditioned doghouse along with seven mansions for one minister & family.

If your jaw has not dropped, consider the twenty thousand dumped for a toilet – a real throne for another preacher.

True, ninety-two percent of congregations police their church finances and follow The Path.

However, high-fliers, like Benny Hinn – who literally jets about, put a strain on the social contract whereby taxpayers underwrite church expenses and expect societal good in exchange.

Bob Sidensticker - activist, blogger, and atheist – makes a compelling case.  Churches have no GOOD reason to bar the public from their accounting.

Just how many Crystal Palaces should a taxpayer underwrite!