In part two, Alison Weir delineates Political Zionism. 

Two Supreme Court Justices, she reveals, shockingly played secretive roles fostering American Zionism - Louis Dembitz Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter.

The PARUSHIM has come to light – a secret society of influential Jews – bent on putting Israel favorably in the minds of Americans.  The original expose appeared in American Jewish Historical Quarterly.

British and American Zionists’ were schemers – led especially by Louis Dembitz Brandeis, Haim Weitzman and Rothschild family members.  They hatched a plan to involve USA in World War 1 to hasten defeat of Germany and thereby wrest Palestine from its ally the Ottoman Empire.  That explains the grand barter resulting in the finagled Balfour Declaration, which promised Jews a homeland in Palestine.

Ms. Weir ably dispels doubt about a Jewish Lobby as a force in American and British societies.  She goes on to trace origins of the early Jewish Lobby up to recent times. 

She concludes with a CLASSIC EXAMPLE how that lobby exerts formidable control over Americans’ thinking still.  Cited is the Weider History Group, a chain of eleven prominent journals devoted to history – and “censorship” and “bias” of its Polish Jewish owner(s).


Side note: The Weider family first came to prominence promoting FITNESS. Arnold Schwarzenegger was their discovery and promoted sensation who later ruled California.  Any wonder why California resembles an Israeli Kibbutz!  Read on -