Sporadic news analysis by a mind controlled zombie also known as a targeted individual or a TI.  


Military propaganda is studied to see the conspiracy behind the electromagnetic frequency mass mind control of hundreds of millions of people around the earth using satellites and computer server farms on military bases nationwide and worldwide.  

We are all in thrall of the media frenzy surrounding manchurian candidates who are set-up and framed zombie-TI's tortured and mind controlled into staged theatrical false flag events.  Terrorists are the creation of the NSA electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cell phone towers, satellites and GWEN towers and using social media.  

The media is censored by State Secrets Privilege and national security protection legal manuevering.  "It's classified" is the passcode to keeping the public unawares of TS/SCI programs of mass mind control, social media, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, V2K (Voice to Skull or Voice of God) technologies, robotics, torture, murder, sleep deprivation, financial deprivations, gangstalking paranoia, induced psychosis and similar exotic technologies.  

The "enterprise" of empire building has waged war upon the world from the Ukraine, to Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan in the middle east, to new budding conflicts in Africa and soon to be China and India.  

Will this world-wide conflict ever end?  Countless national and international laws are being broken.