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Series Description

Welcome @IkiyagoWebTV a platform where Burundians and Friends of Burundi meet and express their opinions on cultural, economic, entertainment, security and political issues that affect the development of communities where they live, abroad or in their country of origin Burundi.

As a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization, Ikiyago WebTV informs, advocates, educates and cares. Some of our objectives are:

· Inform Burundians wherever they are, including Burundi, through various media outlets (WebTV, TV Station, Radio, Web Radio, Website, Social media etc.), about democratic values;

. Support and conduct non-partisan research, educational, and informational activities to increase public awareness among Burundians wherever they live, including Burundi on issues evoked in the previous point;

. Promote advocacy for children`s education and mostly for abused and neglected children;

. Prevent community deterioration;

. Recognize Burundian citizens who contributes to development of evoked sectors in their communities; and

. Contribute to communities’ development and in Burundi.

Series Blog Postings

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