Dr. Moze - Prime Time & the Earth-Girl Training Camp

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Dr. Moze, longtime visitor from Planet Zikorax, now offers advice and training at his Earth-Girl Training Camp.  Having been resident on Earth for 800 years, Dr. Moze knows what humanity needs, and specifically what Earth-Girls need to thrive and prosper on this planet, and throughout the six inhabited galaxies.  This is not training for the Global Economy, it's training for the Intergalactic Economy.   Classes include extensive weapons training, and music lessons.  Music is one of the most lucrative professions in other galaxies, where composers and performers are usually the leaders of government, and often have the god-like status of ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Embrace your alien DNA.  Submit to extraterrestrial authority.  Join Dr. Moze in his quest for truth and universal prosperity for all intelligent life forms.  DR. MOZE - PRIME TIME is an Extraterrestrial Rock Band Reality Show.  Dr. Moze talks candidly about his Earth-Girl Training Camp, and gets good advice from a select panel of heterosexual male experts.  Because Dr. Moze has an intergalactic view of reality, he has no patience with the narrow views of our culture-- he believes we are a culture of whiners--  where heterosexual men are usually blamed for absolutely everything that goes wrong.  Dr. Moze notices one universal constant pervades our civilization--  most Earth-Girls spend much of their lives saying: "Open your wallet, mister."

Also tune-in for DR. MOZE - LATE NIGHT, adult programming, music and fun after midnight, early morning on Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays.