Herb Erb here, again, with another exciting episode of Criminal Spirituality!  I open the show with a little breakdown of my total unpopularity on reddit.com, and show people evidence of my prophetic mission.  Got the guts to watch?  Here's some more of what's on the show:

My friend, J.D. Pirate, and I talk smack about Chuck Cox, Susan Powell, and especially Jennifer Graves.  What an appropriate name.  Do you know what she did?  She wore a wire to try to trick her own brother into incriminating himself for murder.  What a slimey, cruddy copulation facilitator!  But, well, that's how Mormons roll, I guess.  Or, maybe it's just Mormon girls named Jennifer.  Did you know Mormon girls make the best whores?  What does it take to get excommunicated around here?

I give a little lesson on how to read your scriptures right, making special mention of Matthew chapter 7.  I rub Mormon noses in that one.  I like rubbing noses.  Do you like rubbing noses?

The show finishes up with a performance by the biggest two-man band you ever imagined--The Grizzled Mighty!  And, you know what?  One of them isn't even a dude!  They say they're 'roommates'.  I say they kick tigercrotch.

Thomas S. Monson; Chuck Cox; Susan Powell; Mormons; Jennifer Graves; reddit; Foulmouth Prophet; Pirate King of Ephraim; the Wild Mormon; J.D. Pirate; Jesus was a criminal.; perfidy; D&C 107:81; James 4:17; 1Cor. 10:13; Everybody hates me.