Smokin' some grass in front of the state capitol during the Olympia Hempfest.  Walkin' around, talkin' to folks about how to actively rebel against tryanny.  Herb sees the most interesting people.  Now and then Herb leans something, and this time he learns about giving birth at home where the baby nazis will come and take you and your baby away for trying to be 'natural' instead of 'normal'.  There's a really hot chick named Bree, another really hot chick that makes balloon swords, a dude in a wheelchair sharin' a spliff with me, this dud, Carson, talkin' to Obama on the phone, Don Skakie givin' us the lowdown on Real Legalization, and tons of great info and convo.  Break out, roll up, kick back and toke away with me on this all-chill episode!

Jury nullification; childbirth; midwifery; chlorophyll; home birth; Olympia Hempfest;;; Herb Erb; Pirate King of Ephraim; Mental Itch Records; marijuana.