CORRECTION: NOT William Colby, but William S. Cohen,   - my bad read. Mia Culpa!

U.S. Defense Secretary - Under Clinton -  in a  Dept of Defense News briefing in April 1997.  

That is over 20 years ago - to mention weather warfare!!!  

Could select 'agents' be controlling the weather?  - these days --  or -- earlier??  for the better OR for the worst??

Much more than just climate change?     - Much more than smoke stacks - and exhaust pipes - and cow farts. 

First Weather video link::

Is Part 2 ​from REAL  EYES  Videos :     

Part 1:  link

Part 1.  Introduction to Chemtrails and Weather Modifications

Part 1  American Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were Man-made. 

BBC says:  NASA is making artificial clouds that actually rain..  Rainfall ionizer.


Demonic People are controlling the earth weather with artificial clouds and HAARP [Part 2]

Part 2:  Proving the Weather Control is Real:

#1  CIA Director Brennan Announcing GeoEngineering.

#2 American Presidents announcing Weather Control   Kennedy – satellites

#3  FOX Reporter said Hurricanes were Manmade

#4 CNN Says”  Houstonians will be living under NWO  - never go home – new normal

#5  Artificial Cloud Making Machine spotted

#6  Working of Cloud Seeding Airplane explained

#7  Green Lightning spotted during Mexico Earthquake

#8  Scary Artificial Clouds in Skies of America – ominous, weird

#9 Weather Channel Reporter admitting Chemtrails  _Oregon

#10  Official Report of Cloud Seeding in Texas – Aug. 24, 2017   Trans-Pecos Weather Modification Association – “…abundant surface moisture to help initiate showers and storms.:  In Culberson/Reeves County. 

​Second Weather video link:   High Impact Flix:

Oath video: