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Thanks for your interest in watching my All-ways Pursuing Truth show(s).  smiley

I have been producing these shows since my first show on May 9, 2005. 

I ran 5 shows about 9/11/2001 when I was thinking that nobody would see the in-depth reality surrounding that day  (almost 4 years later, then) unless I put these VHS videos on the air some how.   surprise

I came across other documentaries of interest and importance that the mainstream would never show, so I formatted them and have been putting a wide variety of unique, interesting info on essential topics that the media would deem that you don't need to know, since they have never been on ABCCNNNBCCBSFOX.  sad

I will post the list of shows I produced at SCAN TV - up through August 17, 2011, when we got moved over to Seattle Community Media, where shows are now archived there  - on this website..  (Shows archived at SCAN TV for the years 2010 and '11 got dropped when their web-site and building got shut down by Seattle - in the transition)   crying

Most all of the titles of the documentaries are now available for viewing from their websites that you can probably find if you GOOGLE up the Title names you see in the list.

For shows from this year, if you Click on "WATCH/VOTE" above, Click on WATCH ON LINE,**

Then click at the top on "You can also view entire episode listing » "

There, you can find any show you want by either THEME, SERIES, or show TITLE  and

Type in All-ways Pursuing Truth in the SERIES box, and you've got 60+ AwPT shows -so far - that you can watch or download it if you think it is that good. cheeky


**Just Click on the Series Name  All-ways Pursuing Truth and bring up the Thumbnails and show descriptions / details and watch any show on demand.


Of course, you should watch all these shows tonight!!  wink