Kate Pickett & Richard Wilkinson, the authors of ground breaking book, The Spirit Level: why greater equality makes societies stronger, the 2009 book that highlighted the corrosive effects of income and wealth inequality, have a new companion volume, The Inner Level: how more equal societies reduce stress, restore sanity and improve everybody's well-being. This new book examines the psychological reasons why inequality is so harmful.

Join us and for a discussion with authors, Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson.

After the talk, there was a panel discussion with local public health leaders and clinicians, including:

Dr. Ben Danielson, Clinic Chief of Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Clinic.
Dr. Hilary Godwin, Dean of the University of Washington’s School of Public Health.
Dr. Julian Perez, Family Physician with Sea Mar Community Health Centers.
Linn Gould, Executive Director, Just Health Action, a non-profit organization that advocates for reducing health inequities.

Thanks to Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
and the UW Department of Global Health, Recorded 1/31/19

Download Pickett and Wilkinson’s Spirit Level talk in Seattle from 2010 by going to the PirateTVSeattle.com website and doing an ‘F’ search for ‘Spirit Level’.

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