A pincer movement is being run on President Donald Trump. On the outside the "resist" movement is seeking to prevent the President from working with Democratic Congressmen who would very much want to have the economic benefits for their constituents that the President would like to help them with. On the inside you have a gaggle of Neanderthal neo-cons grouped around Vice-President Mike Pence who are preparing to bring out the President by use of the 25th amendment. This gaggle includes John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, and is centered in the British Military Intelligence penetration inside the U.S. government. This includes the Five Eyes, and extends into the U.S. Justice Department. Both these loons, Pompeo and Bolton, have declared China and the Belt and Road enemy number one. Their mode of operation is to launch initiatives like the Venezuela caper and force the President to go along with a policy contrary to the President's intentions. If ever the President could begin working with rank and file Democrats on matters of benefit to their constituents, the President would be better able to evade and override the British intelligence directed gang forming around Vice President Mike Pence that is preparing to remove Trump at the earliest opportunity.

Our work, especially Barbara Boyd's three part series, is crucial in exposing and diminishing British influence in the U.S. The intensity of the expansion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation further and further away from the Russia aspect to direct intimidation and harassment of networks personally close to the President like Roger Stone. Along side the indictment of Roger Stone was the 23 count indictment of Huawei for bank fraud, industrial spying, and other highly dubious unproved alleged crimes.  This is the British intervention through the U.S. Justice Department, which along side the arrest of Meng in Vancouver, is among the means being pursued to wreck the trade talks between China and and the U.S.  Meanwhile Dan Coates, the head of all intelligence in the U.S., is blathering away about the threats of China, Russia and their increasing technological development, and even more so the Belt and Road, which he says is threatening the "rule of law."  This is naked and desperate and not coming from a position of strength.  . 

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Topics British Empire, Resist Movement, Neo-cons
Episode S7E2
Broadcast Week Feb 13th 2019
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