Janet was in the Purple Peacock Boutique and Vanessa told her about the owner, Ashleigh David's tours to Bali and other places.  Ashleigh has a sightseeing and shopping tour scheduled for Bali and it is interesting that Ashleigh goes there often to buy all of the colorful things she has in the store.  Vanessa also told Janet about the candles they have that are made from an artist in Olympia.  Vanessa also said that they really do have Peacock feathers and earrings.  Lots of things to explore in the boutique and it is interesting that the have travel tours for the public to go on.  It was interesting to spend the day just walking around the store.  Lots of Colors, Cloths, Art and Jewelry.  The Candles are displayed in the center of the store to highlight the local artists.  I enjoyed spending the day in the shop.


Ashleigh David does a great job as owner of the boutique and  creator of the tours and Vanessa Campello does a great job as manager of the Boutique.