“Jewish Power ensures Jewish Power is not much discussed!”

Guest Henry Herskovitz, in encore Moral Politics appearance, warns about Jewish Power.  He frames it the “core threat” - not Zionism, which flourishes because of Jewish Power.

Tony Martin wrote “The Jewish Onslaught” he cites – a book about Jewish complicity with black slavery.  The Tribe marshaled its Power and pounced.   Jewish Power operated outside of Zionism in that instance.

Jewish Power has reflection in most Jewish Peace Activists.  They join then steer Mideast activist groups – like Palestine Solidarity Movement – away from criticism of Israel.  They prevent questions about Israel’s legitimacy or Palestinian Right of Return from surfacing.

Jewish racism and Jewish brutality are twins championed by Jewish Power. 

Criticism, he avers, is legitimate.  Yet, Lame Steam Media – a fief of Jewish Power – cheerleads rather than holds Jewish atrocities & connivances in check.  He hopes, large, Christians will rally and deliver a BIG kick in the ass to Jews and their Power.

There is a BACKLASH coming, he fears.  Majority Americans will react someday severely to Corrosion of Democracy and Exploitation committed by Jewish Power.