Yeah, so, here's the smack.  Smack-down.  Smack-in-the-Chops.  Whatever.

So, if this episode doesn't get me ex'd, I don't know what it'll take.  But, believe me, folks, it gets worse from here on out.  I'm takin' on the LDS pedophile ring, pointin' fingers and callin' names.  You pickin' up what I'm layin' down?  You read me loud and clear, brothers and sisters?  The Franklin Coverup; Paul Bonnacci, golden parachutes; banker bailouts; saw this in the 80's; Boystown, Garden Walk Day Care; Terry Swan; Will P. Wilson; Susan Powell; Josh Powell; Chuck Cox; Harry Reid; school is for suckers; using our kids for whores; Thomas Paul Schuler; Satanic Ritual Abuse; Glenn L. Pace; D&C 107:81; D&C 98:5-6; Herb Erb; Pirate King Of Ephraim; Foulmouth Prophet; The Wild Mormon