Interviewed is Ellen Brown, author of runaway bestseller, the Web of Debt – which overturns our notion of money & banking.

Money comes from nothing – cyber entries in an electronic ledger. Yet, every new dollar requires a matching dollar of debt - demanding its interest.

Our economy is a privatized Ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail, asserts provocative author Ellen Brown. Banksters have us borrowing excessively and paying them crushing interest. It is a design that serves tycoons in a privileged class.

Ellen Brown would have us overturn the moneychangers' table.

We can free ourselves from debt slavery and prosper in a well run economy just like our nation's founders. American colonists thrived while industrial slaves to the Bank of England endured miserable lives starkly captured in Dickens novels.

Ellen’s remedy is simple: give back to government its constitutional role over debt & interest. A private few – as in the Federal Reserve System - should never again control the American economy.

Bankers will neither lend nor submit to regulation. Nevertheless, they lavishly attack Ellen Brown dubbing her a charlatan lawyer not even a banker initiated into the guarded secrets of banking.

However, the example of a thriving state bank in North Dakota seems to prove Ellen Brown right. Bank truths – finally divulged – make audiences squirm. There is a tendency to believe in established order.

Today, order in banking is too obviously a rat's nest.