Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth still seem to think that the official story of that fateful day 11 years ago is just not plausible!  

Imagine that!  It's been 11 years and they still don't believe that 19 young Muslims with box cutters skyjacked 4 planes, etc etc. etc.

(e.g. How about the passenger jet that disintegrated completely into a smoldering hole near Shanksville PA?   What's this: at least 6 Hijackers are alive and claimed they didn't die that day!   But I digress, ) 

What's with this towering evidence that these, and other experts have examined that could lead them to conclude the government, media, and military were lying to cover up such a pivotal "orchestrated" tragedy?   Lying is a sin, you know.   So - WHO conducted that orchestra - for what concerted benefits / goals???


For the record, here is a summary of just 10 Reasons our own reporting professional engineer, Richard P. Sheridan, has concluded that 9/11 was a U.S. Government Inside Job, a False Flag Attack on U.S. Sovereignty and the Constitution.    10 Reasons - Posted by Richard P. Sheridan, of Dallas, P.E., Professional Engineer,  Texas Former Member of AE911-Truth, and Former Candidate for Dallas City Council

10. The Intelligence failures and the inability to intercept even one of the four planes is unexplainable. U.S. Military officials have BLATANTLY LIED. The hijackers were not in the planes as 9 of the 19 were found alive after 911. The planes were remote controlled decoys. The head of the security company (Securacom and now named Stratesec) over the World Trade Center, Dulles Airport, and United Airlines was GW Bush's Cousin, and Bushes brother was on the Board of Directors.

9. The Planes and/or jet fuel/fire did not bring the towers down. A plane hitting a World Trade Center Tower would be like a sparrow flying into a Paul Bunyan, or a telephone pole. A fire has never caused the collapse of a steel high rise. The Towers' steel was weakened, but still damn strong!

8. John O'Neill was a former FBI agent and a recognized expert on Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. He left the agency because they weren't listening to him (Presidential directive W199i), and the FBI subsequently tried to smear him in the news. John O'Neill was also very knowledgeable of what was in building 7, the 47 story building that came down very mysteriously 7 hours later, in perfect free fall, just like a building would in a controlled demolition. The SEC had files in Building 7 covering thousands of cases of Wall St. fraud. Among the most notable were Goldman Sachs and Enron. Enron's CEO Ken Lay was a close friend of the Bushes, and was our Nation's Biggest Bankruptcy. On the first day as director of security at the World trade center, O’Neill died from a Tower collapse.



7. Hundreds of former government officials from the military, intelligence community, and elected office all say that 911 was an inside job. Former Governor Jesse Ventura is one of the most notable.

6. Any expert in controlled demolition will state (if they are honest) that the Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. However, conventional demolition technology was not used. The technology used is among the most advanced weaponry developed by the U.S. Government, “Star Wars” caliber.

5. Over 350 first responders have died of cancer, and hundreds more are now sick with cancer. This cancer came from the mysterious fumes from the nuclear based advanced weaponry. Many are calling 911 the new Chernobyl. Workers at remote landfills handling the contaminated soil also got the cancer.





4. Governments have lied to the people for hundreds of years to control us. The Pentagon Papers put out by Daniel Ellsberg revealed the truth about the Vietnam War, and lead to the war's early end. Nixon wound up getting Impeached, and thrown out of office because of his attack on Ellsberg, Watergate, and his deceit to the American People. Both Bill Clinton and McNamara, and many others now say the Vietnam War was wrong and never should have happened. The incident in the Gulf of Tonkin was the False Flag to cause the Vietnam War. 911 was a False Flag to justify attacking Afghanistan and Iraq.

3. At least 90% of the Towers' steel, concrete. furniture, computers, and human bodies disappeared. Instead of about 30 stories of a steel haystack remaining with chunks of concrete, there was 2 to 3 stories of material. Where did the Billion pounds of steel and concrete go? It was turned to dust by a “Star Wars” Advanced Nuclear Weapon, like we see in some great movies.

2. The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a commercial plane. No plane crashed in Pennsylvania.  

1. As the Bushes aren't real Texans, the Bushes serve the British royalty, and they have the royalty bloodline flowing in their veins. The Bushes were involved in both the Kennedy assassination and 911. These false flags were part of the long term plan to bring a dictatorship to the United States. This is all part of prophesy.




Will someone point out that just one of these inflammatory Reasons is wrong, so I can still believe this government & the powers that be (TPTB) did not orchestrate this catastrophe, and I can go on hating those mean Muslims who masterminded all this from a cave in Afghanistan, justifying the hell of pre-emptive wars this government's military industrial complex has wrought upon millions of brown-skinned humans in arid lands on the back-side of this globe.

Also, so I can realize that a punk private did commit treason by releasing "classified" footage of US sharp-shooters killing unarmed Muslims (& 2 Reuters reporters) on their streets from a helicopter - since this video violates U.S. Security policy (by exposing just 1 US war crime against humanity)!


WWJD?       May America bless God   -  the right God, of course! 

Investigate 9/11   -  Just for the facts, Ma'am.