Website Issues

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We are still experiencing some issues with the website.  You are likely not able to create Episodes. 

During the End of Summer Closure, we will not be scheduling programming that you did not specify for us by the deadline spelled out in the Closure notice.  Following the closure we will resume programming your shows. 

Continue to upload their programs to your ingest folders and then email us your schedule.  We'll try to make sure your programs air at the right time. 

      1) Upload your videos via FTP to your Ingest folder, just as you always have;
      2) Be sure your video files are titled using our naming convention, "Series_name of episode_YY_mm_dd.m4v/mpg/mov/etc";
      3) Email your schedule to us at "s e a t t l e c o m m u n i t y m e d i a @ g m a i l" (spaces added only to be sure that address is not picked up by spam bots)
      4) You can also send your schedule to the other emails you may already have for us, but which we won't provide here to prevent spam issues.

Thanks for your patients!