VERY IMPORTANT FOR PRODUCERS - 96 Hour Rule Will Be Enforced

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We've always had a 96-hour rule in place.  We haven't been good about enforcing it and have helped producers who waited until the last minute to schedule their programs.  

Because of the continued issues with the broadcast server, we will be adhering to the 96-hour rule and will not have the opportunity any longer to help producers waiting until the last minute. 

What does this mean?

     - We will be hand-filling the open holes in the broadcast server.  We need time to do this.  Once we are within 96 hours of a given time period, we will begin the process of filling holes in the broadcast schedule.  

     - We will not trade-out programs we've scheduled for other programs if you are late.  If you try to schedule your show inside of 96 hours from broadcast time, you will very likely find a program has already been scheduled into that time slot.  We will not have time to replace this already scheduled program with the program you were hoping to have play.

     - Get weekend scheduling in on time, definitely prior to Friday.  96 hours out for Saturday is Tuesday, 96-hours out from Sunday is Wednesday and 96-hours out for Monday is Thursday.  We will be filling in the weekend scheduling before the weekend begins and will not be scheduling over the weekend.  Get your programs in on time. 

If you aren't sure how to interpret the 96-hour rule, here is how to figure it out:

     Monday programs should be in the Thursday before.

     Tuesday programs should be in the Friday before.

     Wednesday programs should be in the Saturday before.

     Thursday programs should be in the Sunday before. 

     Friday programs should be in the Monday before.

     Saturday programs should be in the Tuesday before.

     Sunday programs should be in the Wednesday before.

 So, programs airing on Mondays should be scheduled by broadcast hour on the prior Thursday.  For instance, if your program airs on Monday at 5pm, you should have your program scheduled by 5pm on the Thursday prior to your show airing.